About us

Portta®, was founded in 2008 in Hong Kong, which is a solution to Digital Interface for Video and Audio (DIVA/DiiVA). As a local brand in Hong Kong, PORTTA’s products consist of HDMI interface, remote control and intelligent remote terminal, covering applications apply in interconnection, domestic digital audio, home security, surveillance system, out of home media (OOH), digital classroom, business multifunctional meeting room, etc.

All PROTTA products are self-owned brand. PROTTA’s engineering team, production management team and marketing team are mostly expertise in the electronics industry from Hong Kong. In the past twelve years, PORTTA has endeavored to improve its quality and reliability from purchasing to manufacturing. With premium and well-managed service, PROTTA is regarded as “Hong Kong Quality Assurance” for many well-known enterprises.

Core competitiveness

i. Innovation and Technology

Over a decade of dedication in research and development of audio and video, PORTTA is recognized as Chinese High-Tech Enterprise by the Chinese government. 5G technology is rapidly growing and will emerge into our daily lives in the neat future. Keeping abreast with the global development of the innovation and technology industry, PORTTA launched wireless and smart products which are compatible with smart control system so as to be part of the smart ecosystem to improve humans’ lives.

ii. Premium Quality

Every PORTTA’s product is delicately designed and manufactured. Partnering with the World’s top HDMI chip company, every chip undergoes stringent quality control process before arriving at your doorway. Moreover, the production process strictly abides with the Standard of International Standardization Organization (ISO). PORTTA’s products are also certificated by HDMI, HDCP, HDBaseT, ROHS, FCC, CE and REACH.

iii. Brand Influence

PORTTA is serving consumers from more than 13 countries and 70 districts around the globe, all of our long-term business customers are all well-known international enterprises.

iv. 24/7 All-rounded Online and Offline Service

PORTTA values customer service and experience throughout the whole procurement process. We provide 1 on 1 and 24/7 online support. We also host product demonstration and technical consultancy in our showroom.