2008 – Year of the start

Times create opportunities.

Portta® established in Hong Kong, the international financial center in Asia. The brand took the first successful step as an electronic products wholesaler.

The introduction of Asian HDMI high-definition technology has become an important milestone for us, millions of users started enjoying high quality music with high quality audio products.

In addition, we provided several types of electronic products and established a good relationship with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the University of Hong Kong, and other well-known universities.

Portta® became the official partner in Beijing Olympic Games (Hong Kong Region), and provided equipment with technical support in several events.

2009 – Year of the growth

Portta® aimed at becoming the international brand and started to implement the North American market strategic expansion plan.

We started cooperating with many 5 star hotels such as Star World Hotel, Peninsula Hotel. We started attracting worldwide attention because of our infinite feasibility.

2010 – Year of the E-commerce

Portta® gradually implemented the global development strategy.

We began the step into the road of E-commerce. We signed the agreement with eBay, Amazon and other electronic business platforms.

2011- Year of the refinement

Portta® set up R&D department, innovated imaginative products and kept improving.

We developed the own factory production lines which enhanced the foundation for the further development of the brand.

2012 – Year of the exploration

Portta® began to develop its own logistic lines for further expansion.

Hong Kong has become the first international warehouse for the items allocation. We established the international warehouses in United States, the United Kingdom and Australia afterward. The international logistics and warehousing system was further improved.

We accelerated the implementation of the global strategy; the improvement of the international logistics and warehousing system consolidated overseas supplier base.

2013 – Year of the development

Portta® was invited to join the government support program. We offered thousands of job vacancies which enhanced the region employment rate.

Portta® Shenzhen factory established. The company began streamlining its established businesses and developing more efficient operations. As a result, we started promotion through different kinds of domestic channels, and cooperated with numerous domestic distributors.

2014 – Year of the layout

Portta® focused on the mainland China market by cooperating with the domestic supermarkets. Our products were sold in all major cities of China.

In mid-2014, Portta® accomplished the distribution channels in all major cities of China.

2015 – Year of the brand

Portta® implemented the promotion strategy of the brand to enhanced awareness.

We accelerated the pace of global marketing. Trademark registration in different countries completed.

2016 – Year of the prosperous

Portta® began to become an all-round brand. Innovating UAV, Type-C mobile power bank, Bluetooth headsets, wireless charging device and other new products is always our first mission.

We became a world-famous enterprise and keep cooperation with many listed companies like HKTV (SEHK: 1137).

Portta® introduced an aggressive new blueprint for growth, involving an expansion of the company’s value chains, a strengthening of its profitability; E-commerce Department officially established. Setting up the Portta® mall in Jing Dong, Lynx – the largest online platforms in China, was put on the agenda.


Hereafter, the story just begins…

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